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About VMIA

Melbourne by nightThe Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) is a Statutory Authority established by the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority Act 1996  and is a successor in law to the former State Insurance Office.

VMIA assists State Government departments in the areas of risk management and acts as an insurer for departments and government agencies.

This assistance is provided to more than 4500 clients. Our clients include Victorian Government departments, statutory authorities and agencies, as well as hospitals, tertiary institutions, health centres, community service organisations, national parks, museums and cemetery trusts.

Our current portfolio represents approximately $144 billion in State-insured assets.

We also conduct client training programs, seminars and educational events on current and emerging issues in insurance and risk management.

In addition, under the Domestic Building Insurance program, the VMIA provides insurance cover for approximately 15,000 Victorian residential builders.

VAGO report

The Victorian Auditor General has outlined a range of risks and challenges facing the state from a whole of government perspective.