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Who we are

The Victorian Managed Insurance Authority offers a comprehensive range of risk management and insurance services to more than 4500 clients including:

  • Victorian Government departments.
  • Statutory authorities and agencies.
  • Public health institutions.
  • Community service organisations.

To meet this diverse group of clients’ needs, VMIA has adopted an operating model that seeks to reduce the total cost of risk (TCoR) to the State and to its clients.

Diagram detailing the VMIA's operating model showing the VMIA's three intergrated roles - adviser to Government, risk management adviser, state insurer

This model leverages the combined strength of VMIA’s three integrated roles of being:

  • Adviser to Government
  • Risk management adviser
  • State insurer.

Find out more about VMIA’s risk management services and insurance products.

The highest priority emergency risks for the whole community of Victoria are bushfire, flood and pandemic influenza, according to a recently released report.

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