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Occasional papers

Occasional papers offer insight into new and emerging risk management issues for Victorian Health Care Agencies.

Aimed at Senior Executives and Boards, the papers highlight contemporary evidence and thinking around key topics of interest for the sector. 

Identifying Emerging Medical Indemnity Risk in Victoria

This paper highlights potential areas of emerging risk surrounding medical indemnity. VMIA aims to develop strategies with Victorian hospitals to minimise risks for public health consumers.

Identifying Emerging Medical Indemnity Risk [PDF, 278KB]

Towards a Safety Culture

The relationship between workplace culture and medical indemnity claims in the Victorian health sector is examined in this paper.

Towards a Safety Culture [PDF, 898KB]

The characteristics of high performing healthcare services

This paper examines the relationship between service characteristics and high performance within healthcare services. This aims to provide guidance on how findings can support high-level planning.

The characteristics of high performing healthcare services [PDF, 983KB] 

More information

For more information about our papers, email to contact our Risk Management Team.

Safer Sedation Project

More than 300,000 children and their families could benefit from improved sedation procedures in Victorian emergency departments thanks to a VMIA co-funded project.

vnews PROMPT

Julie Lodge, Ballarat Health Services PROMPT site co-ordinator speaks about the introduction of the training program and its success to date.