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Client risk assessments

One of VMIA's key functions is to monitor risk management across our clients. We establish assessment programs that allow you to identify, quantify and manage risk.

The State of Victoria, through the Victorian Government Risk Management Framework, encourages enterprise risk management (ERM) as a better practice approach to managing future threats and opportunities.

Our programs aim to support you to improve management of risk in a consultative, tailored way. Ultimately, we believe that good ERM will reduce adverse outcomes to the State.

Our assessment programs

VMIA has two assessment programs available, which have been designed in consultation with our clients, Government departments and other agencies. These programs, which incorporate best practice principles, continue to be developed in response to feedback and changes in accepted practices.

  1. Risk Framework Quality Review (RFQR)
    Designed for mid to large sized client organisations, RFQR suggests a pathway for improvement, engages organisations in a positive conversation about risk, and promotes ERM as better practice.
  2. Site Risk Survey (SRS)
    Aimed at clients who own significant physical assets, SRS combines the ability to report on engineering-based improvements to sites with a need to inform our reinsurers overseas of the risks to key insured assets.

Assessment and benchmarking

Our clients represent a diverse range of organisations. This makes it difficult for us to provide meaningful benchmarking information.

We publish high level information about our risk assessment programs, but ultimately, our clients’ objectives and operating environments do not allow a useful comparison.

We believe in helping you forge your own way forward while providing common better practice suggestions for improvement.

More information

For more information about our risk management consultancy, email to contact our Risk Management Team.


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