• How do I make patients and staff safer?
  • Are there simple changes that can lead to significant improvements to safety?
  • How can we make our systems and processes help us work effectively and efficiently?

Human factors relates to the design, efficiency, safety and effectiveness of technologies, processes, work systems and interactions with people. In healthcare, we apply human factors to deliver better patient and staff safety. 

The human factors forum is a unique opportunity to hear from international speakers and human factors experts.

Learning objectives

What can you expect on the day:

  • Practical ideas to harness safety science in healthcare
  • Key insights on: 
  • Governance and human factors
  • Clinical engagement
  • OHS and clinician behaviour
  • Patient perspectives and learnings from them 
  • Human factors improvement projects from health services
  • Networking opportunities and the launch of the Human Factors Community of Practice


This forum is for every healthcare champion who not only seeks to understand human factors in healthcare, but embraces it as a way of thinking that should be integrated across the system.

  • All clinicians
  • Risk and quality managers
  • Occupational health and safety professionals
  • Re-design managers
  • All other health professionals


  • Stephen Duckett, Director – Health Program – Grattan Institute
  • James Titcombe, Consumer and Patient Safety Specialist – UK
  • Nigel Broughton, Consultant Surgeon – Peninsula Health Network
  • Stuart Marshall, Clinical Director of the Australian Centre for Health InnovationAlfred Health
  • Yvonne Toft, Assoc. Professor – Human Factors & Systems Safety @ CQ University
  • Stuart Dickinson, Principal Consultant – Human Risk Solutions
  • Nathan Farrow, Consultant – Human Risk Solutions
  • Rebecca CooneyRisk Adviser – VMIA

RSVP by 1 June 2017
There is no cost to attend this forum.

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