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Developing a strong organisational risk culture is not the responsibility of the risk manager alone.

That’s the message from public sector risk leaders at the Victorian Government Risk Management Framework Forum, hosted by VMIA.

Leaders spoke of the need for whole-of-organisation approach to building a positive risk culture to drive effective risk management practices.

"The greatest challenges to building a culture are your people, and so we recognised early on that we need the support of everyone in our organisation from the mailroom to the secretary," said Jacinthe Galpin, the Chief Risk and Audit Officer with the Department of Justice and Regulation.

"We have worked over the last four years to get the support of those individuals, and to ensure that they remain engaged with our processes."

Other organisations, such as the TAC, have adopted a champion model where representatives from across the organisation are mentored and supported to deliver strong risk management principles across different divisions and business units.

To hear more from representatives from Department of Justice and Regulation, Eastern Health and the TAC discussing the development of a positive risk culture, please watch the video below.