Risk professionals across the public sector are invited to join a new Community of Practice to boost learning, communication and capability across the network.

Organised by IPAA, with the support of VMIA, the Risk Professionals Community of Practice will assist members to embed an understanding of operational risk on a continual basis, build contacts and a professional support network, expand their career opportunities and keep abreast of industry developments and emerging issues.

The network is designed for public sector professionals who are responsible for risk management as part of their role, including all organisations in the Victorian Public Sector.

In particular, the community will benefit policy officers managing risks in policy making, program and project officers who are responsible for managing risks in projects, operational managers responsible for risks that affect the ongoing continuity of business services and senior managers responsible for corporate governance and the organisation’s overall exposure to risk.

Professionals looking to join the Community of Practice will need to either:

  • have a current IPAA membership; or
  • have attended VMIA risk workshops.

For more information, contact or Jacquie Delord, VMIA Head of Service Development.