This policy sets out VMIA’s approach to managing complaints about our services.

We genuinely welcome feedback as an opportunity to improve our clients’ experience with us.

We recognise that while we are committed to delivering comprehensive, personalised and easy to use services, we don’t always get it right.

Guiding principles

  1. Commitment - We take all complaints seriously and will resolve issues as quickly as possible.
  2. Accessibility - We will actively assist people to navigate our complaints processes.
  3. Transparency - We make it clear how to lodge a complaint and how the complaint will be handled. The steps taken to respond are recorded and will stand up to scrutiny.
  4. Objectivity and fairness – We manage complaints courteously and impartially. All complaints are assessed on merit.
  5. Privacy - We handle complaints in confidence and in accordance with privacy and other relevant legislation.
  6. Accountability - We are held to account for the decisions we make and our complaints handling performance. We provide explanations and reasons for our decisions which are subject to appropriate review processes.
  7. Continuous improvement – We have established procedures for analysing and sharing feedback to identify opportunities for improvement.

Lodging a complaint

People are encouraged to lodge a complaint via the Feedback section on the VMIA website or by calling 03 9270 6900. Acknowledgment, including a response outlining timeframes for feedback, will be provided within two business days.

Our approach to complaints handling

We take a four-tiered approach to complaint handling, as follows:

  • Frontline resolution: Frontline staff (e.g. a Claims Officer) receive the complaint, assess it, and resolve it immediately, if possible.
  • Investigation, if required: If frontline staff cannot resolve the complaint, they will refer it to a Manager for further investigation (e.g. a Manager within the division).
  • Internal review: If the complainant is dissatisfied with the process or outcome of the investigation, they can request an independent internal review. Requests should be directed to the Chief Operating Officer, Office of the CEO, phone: 03 9270 6900 who will lead the review and seek specialist advice as required.
  • External review: If the complainant is dissatisfied with the process or outcome of the internal review, the Chief Operating Officer, Office of the CEO will inform them of any available external review options.*

* At any point the complainant may access an external review.

 Download our Complaints Handling Policy [PDF, 367KB].