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Eligibility to work in Australia

When you apply for a job, we need to check you’re suitable for the role and eligible to work. We’ll check that you’re an Australian or New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident. If you hold a visa that allows you to work and you’ve applied for an ongoing position, you can only be considered for a fixed-term period of employment that doesn’t exceed your current visa term.

Recruitment process at VMIA

VMIA is committed to establishing consistent practices for recruitment and selection, ensuring fairness and compliance while attracting and hiring the most suitable candidate for all vacancies.


Once candidate has decided to apply for a role, they submit their application online, ensuring their contact details are accurate.


We assess all applications against skills, experience, and qualifications required for the job. We strive to ensure there is equity in our recruitment practices by providing a balanced shortlist to hiring managers.


Once candidates have been shortlisted for an interview, they’ll be guided on the interview structure, types of questions and assessments that may be required to assess their skills, knowledge, and experience. We use the STAR interviewing method — situation, task, action, and result.

Other assessments may include:

  • Psychometric testing: measures a candidate’s employment suitability through their cognitive ability or their personality/behavioural style. Cognitive testing can include conceptual, numerical, or verbal reasoning. Personality or behavioural style testing measures a candidate’s tendencies and preferences within an occupational context.
  • Presentation: candidates may be required to prepare a “mock” presentation. This is designed to demonstrate an understanding of the role and their communication skills.
  • Skills testing: evaluates a candidate’s competencies in performing an activity or job function; and
  • Additional interviews: additional interview rounds with different panel members may be undertaken.

Reference checks are undertaken for the preferred candidate at the final stages of the recruitment process. Typically, reference checks will include questions relating to the candidate’s skills and experience against the key selection criteria, as well as their conduct and behaviour in the previous workplace. We ask for a minimum of two references.


We make decisions based on merit and free of discrimination or personal bias. Successful candidates will be made a verbal offer over the phone and confirmation will be sent via email.


Once the verbal offer of employment is accepted, a letter of offer and contract is issued. All successful candidates are required to complete probity checks prior to commencing employment.

Probity checks cover:

  • The right to work in Australia.
  • Employment History
  • Academic credentials check
  • National police check
  • Financial background checks (e.g. AML, bankruptcy) for applicable roles

Shortly after accepting the offer, new starters will receive an email from IT with their guest account login details to be able to access our system and complete any required Onboarding tasks.