Risk Maturity Benchmark, our online risk maturity self-assessment service is available to all VGRMF agencies.

If you are a VGRMF agency and don’t have access to the Risk Maturity Benchmark, please let us know at contact@vmia.vic.gov.au.

To access your Risk Maturity Benchmark, enter your organisation name in full (no abbreviations) then choose from the dropdown list when available. View our terms of use [PDF, 563KB].

About Risk Maturity Benchmark

The Risk Maturity Benchmark will help you to review, understand and improve your internal risk management practices on an annual basis.

Hosted on VMIA’s Self-Assessment Hub, the Risk Maturity Benchmark can be used as part of your annual continuous improvement cycle to:

  • Assess how well your current risk management practices are working for your agency.
  • Find opportunities to improve your risk management practices.
  • Compare your agency’s results from year to year.
  • Benchmark your agency against similar agencies.


More information

For more information about Risk Maturity Benchmark, please email contact@vmia.vic.gov.au or phone (03) 9270 6900.