RMA Online is now called Risk Maturity Benchmark. It is being updated to align with the revised VGRMF. Stay tuned for updates.

To access your Risk Maturity Benchmark, enter your organisation name in full (no abbreviations) then choose from the dropdown list when available.

Completed your review? We’ll automatically submit your self-assessment on 1 July.

About Risk Maturity Benchmark

Risk Maturity Benchmark is our online risk maturity self-assessment service available to all VGRMF agencies.

Risk Maturity Benchmark will help you to review, understand and improve your internal risk management practices on an annual basis.

Risk Maturity Benchmark can be used as part of your annual continuous improvement cycle to:

  • Assess how well your current risk management practices are working for your agency.
  • Find opportunities to improve your risk management practices.
  • Compare your agency’s results from year to year.
  • Benchmark your agency against similar agencies.


More information

For more information about Risk Maturity Benchmark, please email or phone (03) 9270 6900.