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Welcome to the 'Risk Management in the Public Sector' microcredential course!

Thank you for choosing to build your expertise in the challenging and important area of risk management. As you progress through this self-guided course, you’ll acquire a range of risk management tools and techniques that you can effectively apply in your role. You’ll learn how to apply a risk-oriented mindset that will enable you to make more informed decisions, which are more likely to result in improved outcomes.

About the credential

This credential gives you a comprehensive introduction on how to manage risk, equipping you with the knowledge you need to promote the benefits and application of risk management in your team and broader organisation. You’ll explore real-world examples and get the opportunity to critically apply your knowledge to a range of workplace scenarios.

The content draws on foundational concepts from the risk management standard ISO31000:2018 and sets it within the context of the Victorian Government Risk Management Framework.

What to expect


This course was built with industry partners and experts to ensure it contains the most relevant knowledge and practice in this risk field. Throughout the course, you’ll have opportunities for hands-on practice, as well as access to industry templates, examples, and tools that will allow you to learn from industry stories and gain practical experience.

Learning experience

This course is approximately five hours long, including a final quiz assessment. It consists of four modules:

  1. Introduction – How to manage risk
  2. Applying the risk management process
  3. Risk assessment
  4. Positive impacts of managing risk

Each module includes short learning activities, allowing you to schedule your participation in the course in manageable learning blocks.

Research tells us that people who are active learners are more engaged, have more fun, and are more successful in completing their learning. They're also more likely to apply what they’ve learnt in their workplaces. By participating in these learning activities, you’ll not only acquire new knowledge but also reinforce your learning by applying it.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this credential, you’ll be able to:

  • better understand key risk management concepts
  • apply risk-based decision-making
  • use relevant risk management tools.

Show off your badge


Upon successful completion of this course, you'll receive a badge that you can proudly showcase on your LinkedIn profile! This badge recognises your participation in an online course co-created by VMIA in collaboration with RMIT.

What's next

Submit your registration in the side panel for the Public Sector Risk Management microcredential. Once approved, VMIA will send you a link to the RMIT Online platform.