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The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) gives you:

  • The right to access documents about your personal affairs and the activities of government agencies.
  • The right to request that incorrect or misleading information held by an agency about you be amended or removed.

Should you wish to lodge an FOI application with respect to VMIA, we may be able to help you.

On receipt of your application and fee, VMIA's FOI Officer will review your request and respond to you in writing as soon as possible within 30 days, providing a decision and outlining reasons for the decision. The decision may be to release the documents sought or, in some instances, exemptions may be claimed where documents are released in part or not at all.

It is important you provide sufficient and clear details about the document(s) you require and why you require them, so we may properly assess your application and provide you with the correct documents where your application is successful.

If you disagree with a decision, seek an appeal.

If you have any FOI questions or need any assistance, please contact us on

Further information

Visit the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner.