For needs outside of normal business hours, Monday to Friday – 8.30am–5.30pm, you can contact us for emergency claims advice and assistance.

This service is for significant emergencies, major property loss, and clinical emergencies, which cannot otherwise be managed in accordance with the Health Service’s guidelines.

Using this service, we can:

  • give you advice
  • arrange assistance to clean up and make the environment safe
  • commence claims assessment and remedial work
  • help mitigate any further losses.

Phone:  (03) 9270 6900 in the event of an emergency.

Emergency claims procedure when travelling overseas

If you require urgent medical assistance or hospitalisation, help with replacing a lost or stolen passport and/or assistance with arranging an evacuation following a natural disaster, please contact AHI Assist, a 24/7 travel assistance company and emergency hotline.

Phone:  by reverse charge  + 61 2 9978 6666


To ensure immediate assistance, please provide the following details to AHI Assist:

  • Policy number: 19096
  • Your contact details
  • Name of the organisation, department or agency that you are travelling on behalf of
  • Description of the assistance you require.

For all non-emergency travel claims, you can complete a claim form and submit upon return to Australia.

Page last updated: 8 May 2018