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VMIA social media channels

VMIA social media guidelines outline how we manage and moderate all our social media channels. This includes our official presence and the use of social media by our people.

The guidelines below apply across all VMIA corporate social media pages. 

Social media guidelines

The following guidelines outline the acceptable conduct for users and participants on VMIA (Victorian Managed Insurance Authority) social media channels. By engaging with our social media channels, all users and participants commit to maintaining respectful and appropriate behaviour in their interactions with VMIA, our moderators, and fellow community members. Users and participants are expected not to engage in the following activities:

  • disseminating inaccurate or unqualified advice or information
  • posting content that is misleading, obscene, abusive, off-topic, or discriminatory towards any groups
  • sharing promotional or commercial content
  • encouraging unlawful behaviour or promoting actions that contravene the law
  • making defamatory or harassing remarks targeting VMIA employees or other participants in our channels
  • replicating or duplicating posts, comments, or content
  • any other content or comments that are deemed inappropriate at the discretion of VMIA.

VMIA retains the authority to remove comments that it deems to fall within the categories described above, as well as the right to ban or block individuals who engage in such behaviour on our pages or channels. Furthermore, VMIA may, at its discretion, disable the comment function on any of our social media pages or channels at any time.

In particular, VMIA reserves the right to disable comments and direct messages on Facebook outside regular operating hours and may turn off 'reply to' functions on X and LinkedIn as deemed appropriate by VMIA.


VMIA social media pages provide general information only. VMIA does not guarantee the completeness of the content on this page, nor its suitability for your specific circumstances. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the comments or statements made by individuals on this page do not represent the views or opinions of VMIA nor are they made or endorsed by these entities.

Use of social media by VMIA staff

The Code of Conduct for Victorian Public Sector Employees provides clear guidance on the use of social media by our staff. This guidance applies to all instances of social media usage, whether when employees are representing the VMIA officially or during their personal use, in accordance with the official code of conduct.

Information provided via social media

While we're here to assist with simple enquiries and offer general information through our social media channels, certain issues may require direct contact with VMIA for proper assistance. Your concerns are important to us, and we encourage you to reach out to us directly for personalised support. Please refer to our contact us page. If you're dealing with DBI claims, get in touch with us via the DBI contact us page

To register a formal complaint please view our complaints handling policy on how to make a complaint.