VMIA provides insurance and risk advice to the State Government of Victoria.

Our purpose is to build a confident, resilient Victoria through world leading harm prevention and recovery. We form strategic partnerships with government departments and agencies to identify and mitigate harm and manage State significant risks.

As innovators, we reframe risk to understand what must go right to prevent harm. We place clients at the centre of everything we do and play a key role as a trusted adviser, strategic enabler, risk navigator, thought leader and network builder.


  • Drives an integrated approach to risk management through: 
    - More than 40 risk advisers supporting front line staff to better understand and manage risks.
    - Identifying harm prevention strategies.
    - Providing a best practice risk maturity assessment tool, RMA Online.
    - Providing best practice risk management training and support.
  • Provides tailored insurance and works alongside clients to get them operational as quickly as possible after events.
  • Defines the optimal balance between the cost of insurance and the risk departments and agencies carry.
  • Takes a model litigant approach to assessing and managing insurance claims.
Page last updated: 27 February 2019