Watersun Homes

1 March 2017

Victorian homeowners impacted by Watersun Homes (WSH Group Pty Ltd) going into administration may be covered by the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority's (VMIA) Domestic Building Insurance program.

To check if domestic building insurance has been issued by VMIA for building works at your property, complete the online property search

VMIA is working with the administrators to assess the form of assistance available to those impacted.

If your building works are incomplete, we suggest you first contact the administrators of Watersun Homes to find out if they are able to provide any assistance to you in arranging for the completion of your building works. You may also need to take steps to keep your property secure until a new builder is able to complete the works.  Please also consider if your insurance cover for any partially completed works is adequate.  If you engage a new builder to complete the works, please ensure that your building surveyor is notified and that a new domestic building insurance for the new builder's works is obtained where necessary. 

We recommend that if you are uncertain about what action is best for your particular circumstances that you seek legal advice.

Once you have decided how you will complete your building works, if you think you have suffered a loss, you can complete a claim form and we can assess your claim.

If your building works are complete but you think they are defective, please complete a claim form and we will assess your claim.

If your building works are covered by VMIA's domestic building insurance and you suffer loss as a result of incomplete or defective works then (subject to certain exclusions) you may be able to claim:

  • For an amount up to 20% of the building contract price to complete the building works.
  • For loss relating to defective building works undertaken by Watersun Homes.

The maximum amount that can be claimed for loss for all claims is $300,000 or if your insurance was issued before 1 July 2014 the maximum amount is $200,000.

Affected homeowners can call the VMIA for further information on 1300 363 424.

Page last updated: 3 January 2019