How to notify us

A potential claim is any health care incident, occurrence, complaint, investigation, inquiry or disciplinary proceeding which may give rise to a medical indemnity claim.

For potential claims related to the provision of health care, choose one of the following options:

  • Lodge the potential claim information online using RiskMan, where the Victorian Health Incident Management System (VHIMS) is installed and available to you.
  • Or email with your potential claim information.
  • Or post the potential claim information to:

    Health and Employment Liabilities Claims Team
    Victorian Managed Insurance Authority
    Level 10, 161 Collins Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000
    PO Box 18409
    Collins Street East VIC 8003

Tips for potential medical indemnity claims

Read the VHIMS Quick Reference Guide to Transmitting Incidents to VMIA [PDF, 240KB].

What not to notify us about

  • Near misses and minor incidents that are unlikely to give rise to a liability.
  • FOI requests relating to TAC, WorkCover or crimes compensation applications.
  • Occupational health and safety (OHS) incidents which do not involve the provision of care to a patient.
  • Equipment unavailability/failures or infrastructure hazards where there is no adverse patient outcome.
  • Documentation omissions where there is no adverse patient outcome.
  • Audit/review findings where there is no adverse patient outcome.

How to identify what may give rise to a liability

You can identify incidents that may give rise to a liability through formal and informal organisational processes, such as:

  • clinical incident reports
  • complaints
  • freedom of information requests
  • letters of demand
  • court proceedings
  • subsequent medical review
  • clinical audit and review activities
  • coronial investigations and/or requests for information. 

External resources 

Need help? 

For any queries about notifying potential medical indemnity claims, email us at or phone (03) 9270 6900.

Page last updated: 18 May 2017