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As cyber threats and risks continue to emerge and evolve, we need to better understand the current cyber risk landscape in Victoria so that we can deliver improvements that will bolster the defences of our clients' networks against cyber threats.

To help us identify and target cyber harm in our Victorian client community, we’ve partnered with Deakin University to conduct a research project on cyber harm prevention. The outcomes of this research will include recommendations of an evidence based cyber harm prevention program that will benefit all our clients.

The research is carried out in two phases involving an online survey to understand our clients’ perceptions of cyber risks within their organisations and a Delphi Study comprising online questionnaires and focus groups to inform future recommendations.

As a participant, you may be invited to take part in either Phase 1, Phase 2 or both phases of the research based on our selection criteria.

Research Timeline

Phase 1: Cyber Harm Prevention Survey (3-14 October 2022)

Phase 2: Delphi Study

  • Questionnaire 1 (19-28 October 2022) – closing date extended to 4 November 2022 (5pm AEST)
  • Questionnaire 2 (7-16 November 2022)
  • Focus Groups (21-23 November)

Watch the video below to hear directly from the research team and learn more about the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Phase 1 of the research involve?

You will respond to an anonymous online survey asking about your perceptions of cybersecurity risk at your organisation. This survey should take no more than 20 minutes to complete.

2. What does Phase 2 of the research involve?

Phase 2 is the Delphi Study involving a limited number of participants with knowledge of their organisations’ cybersecurity practices, cyber insurance, or both.

Participant perspectives will be collected through two anonymous online questionnaires (between 5-10 minutes) and a focus group (60-90 minutes), all of which are designed to facilitate consensus on a set of high-priority harm prevention interventions.


The first questionnaire will ask you to rank cybersecurity risks and to share your own recommendations on how these risks might be avoided or reduced, while the second questionnaire will ask you to rank a list of harm prevention interventions.

As a participant, you are encouraged to complete both questionnaires as the second questionnaire will combine all participant responses from the first questionnaire.

Focus Groups

This is the final activity in the Delphi Study. You may be invited to join one of our focus groups facilitated by Deakin University, based on the answers provided in first and second questionnaires.

3. Why is this research important?

Your contribution to this project will enable us to get an improved understanding of the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, and how VMIA can offer better services to its clients and stakeholders to improve their cyber maturity and resilience.

4. What is a harm prevention program?

A harm prevention program works to identify and implement evidence-based interventions targeted at reducing harm to the Victorian community. As such, this prevention of harm will subsequently enable VMIA to lower our clients' exposure to losses, help minimise risks and harm, and aid in the reduction of claims.

5. Are there are any risks that I should be aware of?

Deakin University is dedicated to safeguarding your confidentiality and has received the necessary ethics approval and training regarding this project.

6. How will my data be used?

Findings from this research are anonymous, and may be used for both academic and industry publications such as news and magazine articles, conference papers, journal articles, government reports, etc.

In addition, outcomes from this research may also be used by VMIA for future initiatives that are designed to target cyber harm to VMIA and its client entities (and these entities’ customers), as well as improve our current cyber risk advisory services to be more tailored and sustainable. Some of the findings may be transferrable to other contexts and beyond Victoria.

7. Will my details be anonymous?

All surveys are anonymous. We intend to protect your anonymity and the confidentiality of your responses to the greatest extent practicable.

The research team will carry out analyses on these responses to produce aggregate findings. It’s likely that these aggregate findings and any associated recommendations will be published in periodical, conference paper, journal article or government report format (copies can be provided upon request).

8. Will my information be secure?

The surveys being anonymous, means no personal data will be collected. However, your survey responses will be kept in a separate, password-protected computer file stored on Deakin University servers for up to three years with only authorised access granted to personnel conducting the research.

If you identify someone else in your organisation who is better placed to take this survey, you may forward the link onto them.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the project, its purpose or your role as a research participant, please contact the research team directly at for assistance.

For all risk advisory related questions, please continue to reach out to us at