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VMIA provides insurance to more than 500 cemetery trusts, on behalf of the Victorian Government and the Department of Health (DH).

Who’s covered?

  • All Victorian public cemetery trusts

What cover is provided?


Property covers your Trust for physical loss or damage to property due to events such as fire, explosion, vandalism, weather perils, earthquake, theft, or accidental damage. It also covers loss of revenue and additional costs of working due to property damage.

Combined Liability

Combined Liability covers your Trust for its legal liability from personal injury and/or property damage claims by third parties arising out the Trust's business activities.

The policy also provides cover for your Trust in relation to third party claims for financial loss arising from a breach of professional duty.

Combined Liability Policy Update

1.1.2 Aggregate Limit of Liability

  • We have amended terminology in the Policy Schedule of Insuring Clause 1.1.2 Aggregate Limit of Liability to replace the words “plus legal costs and expenses” with “inclusive of legal costs and expenses”, which is now consistent with the Combined Liability Policy Wording.
  • The language around the erosion of the aggregate limit in the Policy Schedule of Insuring Clause 1.1.2 Aggregate Limit of Liability has been reworded to “This limit is reduced by the value of any claim greater than $50,000,000 (including legal costs and expenses) and is not subject to any reinstatement provisions”. This now clarifies the intention of how the aggregate limit of liability and the any one claim limit interact with one another.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance covers your Trust for expenses associated with a breach of your computer systems. Coverage includes expenses related to forensic investigation, data restoration, public relations, crisis management, and mandatory notification requirements.

Cyber Policy Update

4.4 Defence and Settlement

  • Increased coverage for insureds to attend mediation meetings, arbitration proceedings, hearings, depositions, and trials from $600 per day to $2000 per day, subject to a maximum of $100,000.

2. Definitions

  • Income Loss – expanded the definition of Income Loss to include savings, so these can be incorporated into business interruption calculations.

Directors and Officers Liability

Directors and Officers Liability provides cover for your Trust's directors and officers for third party claims arising from their actions and decisions while acting in an official capacity (including employment-related violations).

Group Personal Accident

Group Personal Accident covers volunteers for accidental-bodily personal injury while performing their duties, resulting in loss of life, permanent or temporary disablement.

Optional covers

Optional insurance policies are available to Trusts on an "offer and acceptance" basis including:

  • construction risks (contract value over $500,000)
  • business travel
  • journey (personal accident).

More information

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