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Coronavirus information

We’ve produced some general guidance for our government and community service organisation clients on how our insurance products may respond to instances of coronavirus. Visit our coronavirus information page for further details.

Program Overview

The CSO Program is insurance coverage for eligible CSOs funded by the Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, Department of Health, and Department of Justice and Community Safety or other relevant departments. This can include organisations in aged care, community housing and neighbourhood houses.

In partnership with Neighbourhood Houses Victoria, we have produced a scenarios-based risk management and insurance guide for committees of management of Neighbourhood Houses. Download the 2022-2023 Neighbourhood Houses Quick Reference Guide [PDF, 2.92MB].

In partnership with University of the Third Age (U3A) Network Victoria, we have produced a scenarios-based risk management and insurance guide for committees of management of U3As. Download the 2022-2023 U3A Quick Reference Guide [PDF, 2.29MB].

For more information about eligibility criteria, visit the Register of Community Services or contact your local council. 

Insurance Program Overview


If you have more questions download our:

Personal Accident Insurance for Volunteers

Insurance For Events

Certificates of Currency

What cover is provided?

Public and Products Liability

Cover for your organisation to pay compensation for personal injury and/or property damage to third parties arising from your business activities.

Professional Indemnity

Cover for your organisation for an alleged breach of professional duty.

Directors and Officers Liability (including Entity Liability and Employment Practices Violation)

Cover for civil claims made against your organisation’s directors and officers (including employment-related matters) while acting in their capacity representing your organisation.

Entity Fidelity

Cover for loss of your organisation’s money or other property arising from any dishonest or fraudulent act committed by an employee or volunteer of your organisation.

Personal Accident

Cover for volunteers and eligible people within your organisation whilst performing their duty, for accidental bodily injury that results in:

  • loss of life,
  • permanent, or
  • temporary disablement.

Medical Indemnity

Cover for claims alleging negligence while providing healthcare services.

Volunteer care givers

Cover for the property of volunteer caregivers, in the event it is damaged by people in their care.

Does your organisation work with children? Find out more about your insurance cover

The Victorian Government communicated that from 1 July 2019, non-government organisations who deliver services to children and receive Victorian Government funding will be required to be:

  • incorporated separate legal entities that can be sued in their own right in child abuse proceedings, and
  • appropriately insured against child abuse.

If your organisation holds insurance with us under the Community Service Organisation Program, Community Service Organisation Education Program or has been issued a Combined Liability Policy, you have insurance in place for child abuse claims.

However, if there are any changes to your funding arrangements from the Victorian Government, this may impact your eligibility for VMIA insurance cover. It is important to note that if there is a change to your Victorian Government funding, you must contact your funder to understand the implications to your insurance cover.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our team at or on 9270 6900.

The National Redress Scheme for Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse

Redress has been established to help right a wrong, and acknowledge harm, as an alternative avenue to a civil claims process.

Victorian government departments and agencies have redress payments covered through the State Budget.

Participation in the scheme and contributions to redress payments, are outside of the nature of liabilities covered by VMIA policies.

VMIA liability policies cover Victorian government departments, agencies and some community service organisations for civil claims for compensation for abuse.

If you have an insurance policy with VMIA, contact us so we can answer questions relating to your policy.

More information

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