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Directors and Officers Liability insurance covers your organisation's directors and officers for third party claims arising from their actions and decisions while acting in an official capacity.

Defending these claims can be lengthy, expensive and often requiring additional resources. This policy features financial support throughout.

Who’s covered?

  • Costs of legal action for a covered claim brought against directors and officers
  • Advance payment of legal and other defence costs
  • Legal costs and expenses relating to investigations and raids
  • Costs of challenging extradition or deportation
  • Costs of protecting your ability to act as a director or officer
  • Costs to mitigate adverse effects of reputation in the media
  • Automatic run-off cover
  • Pollution cover - subject to policy sub-limit
  • Outside directorships - for those required to sit on an external board at the request and authorisation of their employer
  • Employment practices violation.

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More information

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