What’s covered?

Directors and Officers Liability insurance provides cover for your organisation's directors, board members and officers for third party claims arising from their actions and decisions while acting in an official capacity.

Policy updates for 2020–2021

Internal investigation costs added:

  • cover for an internal investigation into the conduct of an officer, in response to a request by a regulator, government body or other official body
  • excludes performance audits or investigations, or investigations that occur as part of normal business operations
  • excludes wages of the officer or normal business operating expenses
  • sub-limit of $100,000.

Pre-investigation costs added:

  • cover provided for legal fees, costs and expenses incurred to self-report a suspected breach of legal or regulatory duty to a regulator, governmental body, ombudsman, or royal commission, where failure to notify may result in a penalty or fine.
  • cover for any raid or on-site visit that involves the production, review, copying and confiscation of records or interviews
  • sub-limit of $100,000.

More Information

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Please read the full 2020–2021 policy terms and conditions [PDF, 822KB].