The Emergency Resource Providers Support Scheme (EmRePSS) is an insurance program that covers an organisation or an individual who provides their equipment, labour or professional services to a tasking agency during eligible emergencies.

In conjunction with the Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner, VMIA developed EmRePSS to ease the impact of insurable losses (property and legal) on private resource providers.

This scheme applies when a resource provider lends or hires resources for emergency-related tasks at the request of, and under the direction of, a tasking agency.

tasking agency is a participating Victorian Government department or agency, or municipal council, which requests and directs specific tasks in the event of an eligible emergency.

EmRePSS will operate in eligible emergencies where:

  • the resource provider is responsible to, or under the direction of, a tasking agency for emergency response activities
  • supply is under an ad-hoc arrangement for reward or for loan - i.e. not under a pre-existing contract for the provision of emergency supplies or services to a state department/agency or a local government body.

What is an eligible emergency?

An eligible emergency means an emergency that is responded to by an EmRePSS tasking agency, and which relates to the safety or health of persons in Victoria or property in Victoria.


To start the EmRePSS claims process, download and complete the Incident Notification Form. Email the form to or post to:

Claims Department
Victorian Managed Insurance Authority
PO Box 18409
Collins Street East, VIC 8003

More information

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