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Property insurance provides cover for physical loss or damage to your property as a result of (for example) fire, explosion, vandalism, weather perils, earthquake, theft or accidental damage.

If your organisation owns or assumes responsibility for buildings, contents, watercraft, plant and machinery, this policy covers replacement or reinstatement costs in the event of damage. It also insures a resulting shortfall in revenue or increased costs to maintain your organisation's services.

Who’s covered?

Your organisation.

What’s covered?

  • Loss of or damage to business premises and contents
  • Damage to watercraft
  • Loss or damage to goods while in transit anywhere in Australia
  • Architects', surveyors' and consulting engineers' fees
  • Statutory fees applicable to the rebuilding of damaged property
  • Costs associated with the extinguishing fires
  • Costs for demolition and debris removal, storage and disposal
  • Costs for establishing temporary protection and safety of site, such as fencing and shuttering
  • Replacement of locks following the theft of keys
  • Loss or damage of tools, machinery, plant and equipment
  • Loss or damage of stock, materials and merchandise
  • Loss or damage to your staffs’ personal property held on premises
  • Loss or damage to customers' goods and visitors’ property held on premises.

This is a brief overview of policy features only. Please refer to the policy wording below for full details of cover and exclusions.

Policy documents 

More information

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