Policies overview

The CSO Program is insurance coverage for eligible community service organisations funded by Victorian State government departments.

CSOs in this program provide diverse services and include aged care, disability services, family and community housing, neighbourhood houses, and advocacy services.

Who’s covered?

CSOs funded by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Justice or other relevant departments (excluding the Department of Education and Training).

If you would like to know more about eligibility for the CSO Program, please contact the local office of your relevant Victorian government department or the Funded Agency Channel.

2016 - 2017 Insurance Overview and Frequently Asked Questions [PDF, 67KB]

What cover is provided?

Public and Products Liability

Covers your organisation against legal liability for personal injury and/or property damage claims made by third parties, whilst performing your business activities.

2016 - 2017 Public and Products Liability Policy [PDF, 135KB]

Professional Indemnity

Provides cover for people in your organisation for an alleged breach of their professional duties.

2016 - 2017 Professional Indemnity Policy [PDF, 129KB]

Directors and Officers Liability (including Entity Liability and Employment Practices Violation)

Covers directors and officers of your organisation for third party claims arising from their actions and decisions whilst acting in an official capacity, including employment related matters.

2016 - 2017 Directors and Officers Liability Policy [PDF, 199KB]

Entity Fidelity

Covers your organisation for theft of money, securities or other property owned by your organisation or in its care, custody and control, and for which it is legally liable.

2016 - 2017 Entity Fidelity Policy [PDF, 104KB]

Personal Accident 

Covers volunteers and board members within your organisation, for accidental bodily injury that results in loss of life, permanent or temporary disablement, broken bones or dental procedures.

2016 - 2017 Personal Accident Policy [PDF, 157KB]

Medical Indemnity

Covers your organisation against third party claims resulting from negligence while providing health care services, which results in bodily or mental injury or loss of life.

2016 - 2017 Medical Indemnity Policy [PDF, 112KB]

Volunteer care givers

Provides cover for property damage caused by acts of malicious damage, accidental damage or theft, caused by any person under the care of a foster care parent or home based caregiver.

2016 - 2017 Volunteer Care Givers Policy [PDF, 83KB]

More information

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