Insurance for school councils


If your school has not received any insurance documentation, please contact us on 9270 6990 or email

School Councils provide vital services that can carry significant financial and reputational risk.

All Victorian government schools are covered by VMIA insurance purchased by the Department of Education and Training, as well as other sources of cover including the School Equipment Coverage Scheme. However, some risks that School Councils are exposed to may not be adequately covered through existing protection.

VMIA has developed insurance specifically to support School Councils – full details are available in the VMIA School Councils Insurance Guide [PDF, 274KB].

This guide also includes a host of questions regarding each type of cover. More frequently asked questions about School Councils Insurance, are available here.

What insurance cover is available?

This insurance provides a broad range of cover for School Councils and includes the following:


Covers physical loss or damage to School Council property as a result of fire, storm, vandalism, burglary, accidental damage and extending to electronic equipment.   

School Councils can select Essentials or EssentialsPlus package:

  Buildings*, playground equipment, unregistered vehicles, leased office equipment, portable electronic equipment and all other contents (not otherwise insured) situated at the school    Essentials / EssentialsPlus   
  Shade sails, solar panels, artificial playing surfaces and fencing   EssentialsPlus   
  Portable electronic equipment anywhere in Australia   EssentialsPlus   









*Buildings refers to buildings that are over entitlement and/or fully owned by the school council. 

The above items, up to the selected insured limits (refer to VMIA School Councils Insurance Guide [PDF, 274KB]) are covered under the option selected. There is no need to take out separate policies. If you need assistance to determine your total asset value, please download ‘How to select your insurance cover’ [XLSX, 277KB]. 

Standard cover on this policy includes:

  Money       up to $10,000 
  Glass   replacement value
  Business interruption   up to $100,000
  Cost of re-writing records   up to $10,000






2017-2018 Property Policy [PDF, 1.7MB]

2017-2018 Property Policy Update [PDF, 1.76MB]

2017-2018 Simpler Insurance FAQs [PDF, 646KB]

2016-2017 Property Policy [PDF, 345KB]

Public and products liability for hall hirers and other users of school facilities

Covers venue hirers, community groups and other users of school facilities for their legal liability to third parties for personal injury or property damage arising out of activities at the school. 

2017-2018 Public and Products Liability Policy [PDF, 2.12MB]

2017-2018 Public and Products Liability Policy Update [PDF, 152KB]

2017-2018 Simpler Insurance FAQs [PDF, 646KB]

2016-2017 Public and Products Liability Policy [PDF, 153KB]

Group Personal Accident

Covers all enrolled students for accidental bodily injury that results in loss of life, permanent or temporary disablement, broken bones or dental procedures.

2017-2018 Group Personal Accident - School Students [PDF, 251KB] 

2016-2017 Group Personal Accident - School Students [PDF, 144KB]

School Council Motor Vehicle

Covers loss or damage to vehicles (sedans, light commercial vehicles, buses and trailers) owned by your school and anyone who drives a vehicle for school business.

2017-2018 Master Motor Vehicle Fleet Policy [PDF, 288KB]

2016-2017 Master Motor Vehicle Fleet Policy [PDF, 158KB]

Motor – Special Contingency Damage

Covers damage to motor vehicles and motorcycles owned or leased by the insured persons while parked in the school’s car park.

Motor – Loss of No Claim Bonus

Covers loss of ‘no claim bonus’ and ‘excess’ for designated staff and volunteers in the event of an accident where their comprehensively insured private vehicle was being used on authorised school business anywhere in Australia.

What cover does my school need?

All schools are insured under the Department's insurance with VMIA. However, schools may require additional insurance to cover risk exposures outside of the existing protection. If you are uncertain as to the cover your school requires, please refer to the Department's Insurance Guidelines. For general insurance queries contact VMIA via or 9270 6990.

How to make a claim?

School councils should notify the Department of Education and Training (DET) of any circumstances or incidents that might result in a potential claim as soon as possible. If in doubt, please report it.

For all School Councils insurance claims, including Motor - Special Contingency Damage and Motor - Loss of No Claim Bonus, (see below for claims relating to motor vehicle accidents involving school owned vehicles), please download the claim form [DOCX, 41KB], complete and return to the Department of Education and Training at The Department will contact you to confirm the next steps.

Please use the same claim form for all other insurance policies for school councils underwritten by VMIA (excluding school owned motor vehicle claims).

For Motor Vehicle accident claims involving school owned vehicles, please use the claim form on the Zurich website.  When making a claim, please refer to the Master policy number - 32 2233885 GFT.

For additional information in relation to how to make a motor vehicle claim and the claims process, please download the School Councils - How to submit a motor claim to Zurich Insurance [PDF, 65KB].

If your vehicle requires towing, please call:

Zurich Claims Team
1800 611 372  

For common questions regarding claims, please refer to the School Councils Insurance Guide [PDF, 274KB] and the frequently asked questions page.

Need more information?

For more information, please check the frequently asked questions or contact us via email or phone 9270 6990.

Page last updated: 13 June 2017