We’ve made changes for the better for School Councils Motor Vehicle Insurance.

We have a new claims manager effective from 1 July 2017 to assist with your motor claims and if you have a VMIA School Council Motor Vehicle Insurance policy, please note from 1 July 2017 it is no longer part of the VicFleet program and we have arranged a separate policy specifically for School Council motor vehicles.

For further information refer to the FAQs.

General questions


What cover is available under VMIA School Councils Insurance?

VMIA School Councils Insurance includes:

  • Property insurance (Industrial Special Risks) for buildings*, playground equipment, shade sails, solar panels, artificial playing surfaces, unregistered vehicles, leased office equipment and portable electronic devices
  • Public and products liability for hall hirers and other users of school facilities
  • Group personal accident insurance for students
  • Motor vehicle insurance
  • Contingency cover for staff and volunteer vehicles

We recommend you review your school’s insurance requirements and determine what additional cover is required to meet your school’s needs.

* Buildings refers to buildings that are over entitlement and/or fully funded by the school council.

What is the cost?

As the state insurer, VMIA is able to offer premiums that are generally below equivalent commercial market rates. Based on the information provided by School Councils, VMIA has developed broad insurance products to suit School Council needs. VMIA insurance premiums have been calculated based on School Councils insurance information provided to the Department of Education and Training. For School Councils interesting in purchasing new or additional cover, please email VMIA on

How is VMIA School Councils Insurance different to the coverage provided by the Department and the SECS?

While all School Councils are covered by VMIA insurance purchased by the Department, as well as other sources including the School Equipment Coverage Scheme (SECS), some risks that School Councils are exposed to are not adequately covered through existing protections. School Councils may choose to purchase additional cover through VMIA to effectively cover risks and exposures. The cover available offers School Council’s broader insurance at a competitive price. We recommend you review your school’s insurance requirements and determine what additional cover is required to meet your needs. For further information, please contact VMIA.

How have you selected the cover you are offering my School Council?

The cover selected is based on the information you provided to the Department of Education regarding your insurance requirements. Based on the insurance VMIA is offering (refer to the School Councils Insurance Guide [PDF, 274KB]) and following a review of your insurance needs you may wish to modify your cover. Please contact VMIA to discuss your requirements.

Do I need School Councils Insurance?

School Councils Insurance is designed to cover risk exposures not currently covered under the Department’s existing policies. The program covers areas such as vehicles, leased equipment, over entitlement facilities, shade sails, vandalism, personal accident cover for students and third party use of school facilities. We recommend you review your school’s current risks and exposures and decide whether additional insurance coverage is required to meet your needs.

My School Council currently does not have insurance. Do I need any?

Not all schools require insurance in addition to the Department’s current insurance coverage. School Councils may choose to take additional insurance cover to effectively cover risk arising from business activity exposures. We recommend you review your school’s insurance requirements and determine what cover is required to meet your needs. School Councils may also contact the Department and VMIA for advice on their risk exposures. Please email or call 9270 6990.

How do I arrange our School Council’s insurance with VMIA?

If you have advised the Department of your existing insurance arrangements you will already be registered with VMIA. If you have not previously had any insurance, we recommend you review your school’s insurance requirements and determine what cover is required to meet your needs. The VMIA School Councils Insurance Guide [PDF, 274KB]provides details of the types of cover available. If you are interested in taking our insurance cover please email us at

How can we receive a Certificate of Currency?

A Certificate of Currency acts as proof of your insurance. A Certificate of Currency will be issued as part of your welcome pack. For insurance purchased through VMIA you can also request a copy at

What is a Premium Renewal Notice?

A Premium Renewal Notice is an invoice which accompanies your policy documents.  The invoice is payable 30 days from the date of issue.

We have received our motor renewal invoice and are not sure what vehicles are covered?

Your motor vehicle insurance renewal as part of the new School Councils Insurance has been allocated a premium based on the information you provided to VMIA or via the Department of Education and Training. To calculate your premium, we require total number of vehicles, the number of buses valued at less than $50,000, the number of buses valued at greater than $50,000 and the number of trailers to be insured.  This information is collected annually in February by way of a declaration sent to all motor vehicle policyholders.

You only need to advise us of any changes to your motor vehicle fleet if any one vehicle exceeds the motor vehicle policy limit of $250,000 or you are increasing overall vehicle numbers. If you replace any existing vehicles, there is no need to do anything. If you have any queries, please email us at

When do I need to pay my invoice?

Your invoice is due 30 days from the date of issue.

Can VMIA assist us with risk management advice?

VMIA has a number of useful risk management resources available on its website including guides, tools and templates to assist implementing and improving your school’s risk management practices. Visit our website or email for further assistance.


How do I make a claim?

claim form is used to notify Department of Education and Training (DET) of any adverse event such as physical injury, financial loss or property damage, that might give rise to a claim under one of our insurance policies. A claim form is required for all adverse events. For motor vehicle accidents involving school owned vehicles, see below for claims procedure.

When should I contact the Department regarding an incident or possible claim?

Please advise the Department as soon as possible in the event of any circumstances or incidents known to you that could give rise to, or result in a potential claim. If in doubt, please report it. For motor vehicle accidents involving school council owned vehicles, see below for claims procedure.

After submitting a claim form, how long will it take for the Department to contact me?

After submitting a claim form, you will be contacted within two business days.

How do I lodge a claim for a motor vehicle accident involving a school council owned vehicle?

For motor vehicle accident claims involving school council owned vehicles, these are handled directly through Zurich Insurance on behalf of VMIA. Please use the claim form on the Zurich website .  When making a claim, please refer to the Master policy number - 32 2233885 GFT. For additional information in relation to how to make a motor vehicle claim and the claims process please download the School Councils – How to submit a motor claim to Zurich Insurance [PDF, 3.3MB].

What about urgent building repairs?

In the event of an event causing damage to school buildings where ‘make safe’ would be required, schools should immediately contact the Department of Education and Training's reinstatement works program on 1300 133 468 or refer to the Department’s Emergency and Security Management Guidelines.

What additional information might I need for a claim?

After submitting a claim form including all relevant supporting documentation, you will be contacted to confirm the next steps in handling your claim. The following documentation may be requested:


  • a police report
  • two quotations to repair or replace the item
  • photos of damaged property
  • original invoice or receipt confirming the purchase of the item claimed (where applicable)
  • any other relevant documentation.

Public liability

  • letter of demand from third party (if applicable)
  • photographs of damage (if applicable)
  • any other relevant documents.

How do I handle a public liability issue?

The Public Liability Policy will respond in circumstances where the hirer, community group, or market stall holder is alleged to have been at fault in causing personal injury to a third party or to have been at fault in causing damage to property belonging to a third party. For example: a visitor to a hirer’s function trips and falls on a spilt drink and is injured.

The School Council must first:

  • take all reasonable steps to prevent or diminish personal injury and/or property damage
  • notify Department of Education and Training as soon as possible of any claim or circumstances likely to give rise to a claim. Particular attention should also be given to the following matters:
    • do not admit or imply liability
    • under no circumstances attempt to settle a claim, or discuss liability with a third party
    • refer any written and verbal communications with a third party to Department of Education and Training
    • any summons or writ in connection with a loss, damage or an incident should be immediately sent to Department of Education and Training.

Will you need to send an assessor to review property damage?

Depending on the nature, extent and the circumstances of the claim, an assessor may be appointed to assist you with the management of the claim and will be in contact with you.

Page last updated: 17 April 2018