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VMIA’s Cyber Liability Insurance covers your organisation for legal liabilities arising from a breach of personal or corporate information, consequences of a breach of data security, breach of information against an outsourcer and legal costs incurred in defending these claims. Expenses incurred by your organisation for forensic investigation, notification and credit monitoring, independent public relations and extortion demands are also covered.

Many organisations handle personal and corporate data on a daily basis, whether it’s employee profiles, identity card numbers, credit card information, sensitive demographic information or budget and funding information.

In an ever-increasing punitive legal and regulatory environment, Cyber Liability Insurance provides a risk transfer solution for cyber risk exposures.

Who’s covered?

Your department, agency or hospital and its directors, officers and employees are all covered.

What’s covered?

VMIA’s Cyber Liability Insurance provides for first-party expenses (incurred by your organisation in the event of a cyber event) and third-party expenses (amounts your organisation is legally liable to pay, as a result of a cyber event or breach of data).

Protection for your organisation, includes:

  • forensic expenses for professional IT investigators
  • public relations expenses for repair of organisational or individual reputation
  • cyber extortion loss, including negotiation, crisis management and extortion payment to end the threat
  • restoring, recreating or recollecting damaged or destroyed data
  • operational costs and additional costs incurred due to a network security failure
  • notification costs involved with notifying affected person of a data breach and/or the Privacy Commissioner
  • data administration investigation costs, fines and penalties.    

Protection for claims made by third-parties includes:

  • personal data breach, including personally identifiable information
  • corporate data breach, including business secrets and professional information
  • breach of data protection by an outsourced provider and for which your organisation is liable for
  • security failure resulting in contamination, destruction, corruption, unauthorised access to or receipt of virus, or malicious code to third-party data.

This is a brief overview of policy features only. For full details, please refer to the policy wording below.


VMIA has partnered with Beazley Group to manage the breach response process.

As soon as you suspect a breach has occurred, notify Beazley by email at (recommended), or by phone 1800 254 492. You can also contact VMIA claims.

The sooner we know about an incident, the more we can do to help.

Please include the following in your notification;

  • short description of the incident
  • the date the incident occurred (if known)
  • the date your organisation discovered the incident
  • contact information for the designated breach coordinator.

Please do not include any personally identifiable information or protected health information in your notification.

Beazley or VMIA’s claims team will be in contact within 24-hours of receipt of your notification to advise on next steps.

Policy documents

2016-2017 Cyber Liability Insurance policy [PDF, 159KB] 

2016-2017 Cyber Liability Insurance policy update [PDF, 266KB]

More information

To contact our Insurance Team, or for more information about this policy or any insurance matter, email

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