Policy overview

Medical indemnity insurance covers you, as a Victorian public health service provider, for claims seeking compensation for personal injuries, which may arise from you providing health care services.

Patient care can be complex and sometimes results in errors or omissions. As a health service provider you may be held liable for personal injuries resulting in costly settlements and legal expenses if sued.

What’s covered?

  • Injuries (physical and mental) to patients arising from errors, omissions or negligence of registered health practitioners while providing healthcare services   
  • Injuries to patients arising from errors, omissions or negligence of students, under the supervision of registered and suitably experienced staff, while providing healthcare services   
  • Liabilities arising from the administration of healthcare or first aid at the scene of a medical emergency, accident or disaster as a good Samaritan
  • Legal costs and expenses for defence and settlement of claims
  • Participation in clinical trials and health and medical research.   

Who’s covered?

  • Employees of a Victorian health service
  • Registered health practitioners treating public patients 
  • Students under the supervision of a registered health practitioner
  • Rural GPs and registrars under the separate 2017-2018 Rural GP Medical Indemnity Policy [PDF, 190KB]

This is a brief overview of policy features only. Please refer to policy wording below for full details of cover and exclusions.

Risk Rated Premiums

Policy documents

Rural General Practitioners

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Page last updated: 17 April 2018