Motor vehicle insurance provides cover for loss or damage to vehicles and third-party property.

Who’s covered?

Your organisation and anyone authorised to drive a fleet vehicle as part of an organisation’s business.

What’s covered?

  • Theft, accidental damage or malicious damage to your vehicle — we will repair, reinstate or replace it (based on its age, market value or sum insured in Schedule)
  • Any legal liability arising from loss or damage to someone else’s property caused by your vehicle
  • Hire costs following an accident or theft of a vehicle, and
  • Excess-free windscreen cover.

This is a brief overview of policy features only. Please refer to the policy wordings below for full details of cover and policy exclusions.

Policy documents

Health, Cemetery Trusts and Specialist Agencies   

TAFEs, Catchment Management Authorities, Energy Safe Victoria, and Melbourne and Olympic Parks Trust   

VicFleet and other entities   

School Councils   

CFA, MFESB, and Parks Victoria   

More information

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Page last updated: 17 May 2019