Summer is traditionally associated with holidays and relaxing, but it also marks a time of greater risk to property and organisations with an increase in severe weather events.

Taking the time to anticipate and mitigate these events – such as storms, bushfires and floods – will ensure your organisation is prepared to respond appropriately.

Physical mitigation such as installing gutter guards, clearing gutters of debris and checking drainage and sewerage should be done regularly to ensure water is diverted away and valuable equipment and assets are protected.

Human resources should be managed to allow a reasonable balance between allowing staff the opportunity to enjoy the holiday break and ensuring the organisation’s exposure to risk is limited.

Organisations should also take the time to revise their internal risk management plan with other relevant agencies and authorities.

If a loss does occur, seek expert advice to make sure the premises is safe before commencing any clean-up work, particularly in flood or fire-damaged properties where electricity and other services may need to be disconnected before work can begin.

VMIA provides assistance to clients on a 24/7 basis over the summer season and is ready to respond to any major event that cannot be dealt with through normal business capacity. Find out more about dealing with emergencies.

Page last updated: 29 December 2017