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Training & Insights Newsletter 

December 2017

It's been a tremendous privilege being part of your learning and hearing all your stories, challenges and successes.

A big thank you to all who attended our workshops in 2017 and I look forward to hearing more insights from you in 2018.
Happy Christmas and holiday season everyone. Be good to yourself, and do something selfless for somebody if you can.
Emerge into 2018 bright and resilient.
See you next year!

Jonathon Masom
Client Learning Facilitator

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Introducing our new workshops for 2018

Risk Appetite Foundations

Clear risk appetite guidelines allow staff to confidently make decisions within agreed risk boundaries, encouraging flexibility and accountability. See our upcoming dates for more information

Cyber Risk Management Foundations 

This workshop is designed to demystify cyber risk and build your ability to assess and manage this risk in collaboration with your IT and information management specialists. See our upcoming dates for more information
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Full calendar of training available for 2018

We have a full program of sessions aimed to inspire and empower, as well as collaborate with colleagues on best practices. Learn More

"Great workshop, effective hands on learning which is excellent. Have recommended it to my team members to attend as I think it's a valuable starting point"

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January & February 2018


  • 31 Jan: Risk in Practice - Introduction (Metro) Register
  • 14 Feb: Risk in Practice - Introduction (Geelong) Register
  • 15 Feb: Risk Appetite Foundations (Geelong) Register
  • 19 Feb: Risk for Boards - Public Sector Agencies (Mildura) Register
  • 20 Feb: Risk Appetite Foundations (Mildura) Register
  • 21 Feb: Risk Culture (Swan Hill) Register
  • 22 Feb: Risk in Practice - Introduction (Swan Hill) Register
Register now

"Very well presented in a fun and interactive facilitative style.
Took so much away to use in my own work space".
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