VMIA provides insurance cover for public health services and medical research organisations involved in clinical trials and health and medical research and supports efforts to maintain the highest standards of clinical trial and research governance processes for clinical trials.

When to contact VMIA

There is no requirement to seek approval from VMIA for any aspect of clinical trials.

Please contact VMIA in the following situations:

  • If your organisation is involved in a first time in human clinical trial (FTIH) and is required to provide an indemnity for the Independent Expert Reviewer. 
  • To report a Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reaction (SUSAR) which may cause harm and potentially lead to a claim. Please forward details to

Insurance policy documents

The Medical Indemnity Policy includes a definition of ‘Clinical trials and health and medical research’ and the definition of ‘Health Care Services’ includes ‘Clinical trials and health and medical research’ (Section 2, Definitions, pg. 4). This wording was effective from 2 October 2014.

Medical Indemnity Policy [PDF, 149KB]

The Health Sector Professional Indemnity Policy also includes these definitions (Section 4, Definitions, pg. 8&9).

Professional Indemnity Policy [PDF, 149KB]


Clinical Trials - Risk and Insurance Guide [PDF, 1.71MB]