Future Leaders Communiqué

The newsletter written by healthcare graduates about lessons learned from Coroners' investigations into preventable deaths.

In this July issue of the Future Leaders Communiqué we will reflect on two cases where pressured discharge planning sadly preceded tragic outcomes.  Inadequate discharge planning has the potential to disrupt continuity of care, and increases the likelihood of adverse events. Junior doctors must fast become skilled in this process to optimise patient outcomes. 

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Clinical Communiqué

The newsletter written by clinicians for clinicians about lessons learned from deaths investigated by the Coroners Court.

The June edition presents three cases of patients who died shortly after being assessed and discharged from an emergency department. In each case, an evolving abdominal problem was missed, and the symptoms were attributed to other, less critical causes. Fluctuating signs were misinterpreted, investigative abnormalities were not fully appreciated, and ultimately, diagnoses of life-threatening conditions were missed

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