Incentivising Better Patient Safety is about striving for better outcomes and encouraging participation in best practice training, which has been demonstrated to improve care and outcomes for mothers and babies in the birth suite.

Public maternity services that train 80% or more of their clinical staff who work in the birth suite according to certain training criteria will receive a refund on the obstetrics component of their medical indemnity premiums.

Your refund

Health services that meet the Incentivising Better Patient Safety eligibility criteria and submit an attestation will receive a refund on their obstetric insurance premium. For large health services, this refund is 5%, while smaller health services will be eligible for a minimum of $15,000.

To receive the refund your organisation must deliver training in:

  • multidisciplinary maternity emergency management
  • fetal surveillance
  • neonatal resuscitation

The Incentivising Better Patient Safety Operating Manual [PDF, 860KB] contains detailed information about the program and what you need to do to receive the refund.  This document includes the eligibility criteria and answers to questions you may have about the program.

The refund will be paid to all health services that meet the eligibility criteria and submit an attestation in May 2019.


  • Better outcomes for women and babies
  • A higher standard of care
  • Improved risk culture
  • Fewer claims

How to get the refund

  1. Train your staff in programs according to VMIA’s training criteria.
  2. Attest that 80% or more of your birth suite staff have received training every year in the three areas of practice.
  3. Submit your evidence to VMIA at the end of 2018-2019.

Public maternity services in Victoria (Capability Levels 2 to 6) are eligible to participate in the Incentivising Better Patient Safety program.

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Page last updated: 21 November 2018