The Incentivising Better Patient Safety (IBPS)  Training Tracker Tool (the Tool) supports your hospital to monitor progress towards meeting the IBPS  Eligibility Criteria.

To optimise use of the Tool, please note the following: 

  • The Tool is provided by VMIA as a supporting resource for Victorian hospitals. Use of this Tool is optional and is at the discretion of individual hospitals. 
  • Technical issues with the Tool are not supported by VMIA. Any technical issues with the use of the Tool should be directed to your IT support team.
  • Hospitals choosing to use the Tool will need to download and save the Tool on your local IT systems.
  • The Tool is in provided in Excel 2016 format. If you wish to download the Tool in an earlier Excel version (e.g. Excel 2010 or other), please refer to Quick Reference Guide provided. The latest version of the Training Tracker Tool is version 2 (v2).  If you are using an older version of the Tool, we strongly recommend that you transfer your data to the new version.
  • Copying your data from the original Tool is simple and should only take 5 minutes, Please refer to the User Guide for guidance.

Useful links:

  • IBPS Training Tracker Tool v2 here [XLSX, 199 Kb]
  • Transferring data from version 1 to version 2: User Guide here  [PDF, 1.25MB]
  • Using IBPS Training Tracker Tool: Quick Reference Guide here [PPTX, 202 Kb]