Find out how the internal audit of clinical areas provides independent, objective advice and assurance to meet strategic objectives, and improve care.

VMIA is pleased to  bring  together auditors and health care organisations that used the power of clinical audit to review risk clinical issues in a rigorous and systematic way.

VMIA will share with you a robust method for boards to drive improvement and provide assurance in regard to the effectiveness of clinical procedures and protocols to manage key clinical risks.

Learning objectives

  • Present the concept and rationale for internal clinical audits
  • Explore key priciples and processes of conducting an internal clinical audits
  • Present and discuss tool frameworks
  • Case example for internal clinical audits from a rural health service


  • CEO's
  • Board Members
  • Audit Committee Members
  • Quality Committee Members
  • Clinicians


Dr Gabby Fennessy,  Acting Head of Insights 
Page last updated: 5 January 2016