Incentivising Better Patient Safety

The evidence is clear. When maternity staff take part in best practice training, the outcomes for women and babies in their care improve.

Over the next year, we’ll continue to encourage Victorian public health services to train 80% of their clinical staff in areas which make a difference to the lives of our newest Victorians. In return, participating hospitals will receive a refund on VMIA obstetric insurance premiums. For large health services this is 5%, while smaller health services will save at least $15,000.

This session has been designed to help you navigate the second year of VMIA’s Incentivising Better Patient Safety program and thank you for your support over the past year.

The second presentation explores what happens at VMIA after a baby is born with a serious birth injury. Using a real life, high value, birth injury claim as an example, a VMIA medical negligence lawyer with over 15 years of experience will be guiding you through the complete litigation process.  The legal principles discussed will be illustrated by an array of medical and general law cases, ranging from a cunning king in ancient Rome, to a 1970s American serial killer, to the greasy chip lying in a suburban shopping centre that baffled the finest legal minds in Australia. 

Learning objectives

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the 2019/20 Eligibility Criteria and how your hospital may implement the changes
  • Network with your peers and understand how other hospitals have navigated through the programs first year
  • Understand what is involved in medical negligence litigation
  • Gain greater confidence in what to expect, and what is expected of you, should you ever be involved in a medical negligence claim. 


If you are a midwifery educator, birth suite unit manager, maternity services manager, medical director or executive at a Victorian public hospital, these information sessions will provide you with a helpful guide to the Incentivising Better Patient Safety program in 2019/2020. Birth suite clinicians may also find these sessions useful and are welcome to attend.

Each hospital may invite up to four (4) delegates.


Shevaun O'Loghlen and Claire Cheesewright

Please note that this session does not include the presentation on closing the loop from medical indemnity claims.

Page last updated: 5 January 2016