Incentivising Better Patient Safety (IBPS) Attestation

We’re pleased that Victorian maternity hospitals are committed to the objectives of the VMIA Incentivising Better Patient Safety (IBPS) program and have been working hard to meet the eligibility requirements. We thank you for your support.

The attestation period for 2020–2021 is now closed.

Please refer to our FAQs in the Operating Manual [PDF, 2.68MB] for more information.

How do I know if I will receive my refund?

As long as you meet the IBPS Eligibility Criteria [PDF, 2.68MB], you’ll receive the refund in June.

When will I get my refund?

If successful, you’ll get your refund(s) in mid-June 2021. We pay our refunds via electronic funds transfer (EFT), accompanied by a letter of acknowledgement and a refund invoice.

If you’ve changed your bank account details since 20 June 2020, you’ll need to complete a VMIA Supplier Registration Form [PDF, 145KB] and email it with a deposit slip to

Will VMIA contact my hospital to understand how we implemented the IBPS program?

We’ll be having conversations with some successful hospitals in the next financial year, just to make sure the IBPS program has been properly implemented and is delivering value for the Victorian community. You’ll need to keep your education and training records maintained in order to support this conversation. You might also find our IBPS Training Tracker helpful in managing your records.

Any questions?

You can call us on 9270 6990, or email us at – we’re always here to help.