What’s new in the 2021-2022 program?

Focus area 1: multidisciplinary maternity emergency training

Be mindful maternity emergency scenarios must be simulated separately. For example, a PPH and COVID-19 themes cannot be treated in one scenario. There must be a simulation for the PPH theme and another one for COVID-19.

Focus area 2: fetal surveillance

Please refer to the Operating Manual as we reintroduced the face-to-face component and kept the interactive CTG training.

Focus area 3: neonatal resuscitation

Only the first responders defined by your hospital are required to be trained.

Support 9.1

What support is available to help me?

VMIA wants to reward Victorian maternity services for improving safety and outcomes. Your VMIA Risk Adviser can offer tailored support to ensure you implement a program that meets the overarching training and attestation criteria. This may include co-developing systems and processes, action plans, meeting with your staff or talking to your Board of Management.