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ISBAR is a practical tool for guiding staff in how to structure and exchange information for improved communication.

ISBAR stands for:

  • Identify — self and others
  • Situation — state the purpose of the call / contact and is it urgent?
  • Background — tell the story
  • Assessment — your interpretation of the situation and degree of certainty
  • Request — state what you want from the other person.

A number of resources have been designed to help implement ISBAR in your organisation. These tools can be customised to meet your needs. 

In accordance with VMIA's Copyright Licence, ISBAR tools and templates are intended for information purposes only. VMIA encourages the free transfer, copying, alteration and printing of ISBAR tools and templates if such activities support the purpose and intent for which the ISBAR tools and templates were developed.

Training scenarios

View practical videos demonstrating the use of the ISBAR communication tool.

ISBAR training materials

ISBAR templates

More information

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