VMIA is committed to supporting our clients with practical resources on insurance attestation requirements. We have developed a range of insurance attestation tools,  templates and FAQs.

Advisory services



Strategic insurance review

Review agency risk profile and test adequacy of insurance covers and limits, self-insured losses assessment and internal claims management practices

Risk retention toolkit

Provide alternative premium options based on changes in levels of self-insured retentions. Recommended for clients with deductibles of $250K and above.

Election of insurances

Work with VMIA to review insurance policies based on its risk profile, appetite and tolerance.


Online tools



Risk in Practice Guide


The Victorian Government Risk Management Framework - Practice Guide  has been developed by VMIA to support the framework and to help agencies meet their risk obligations and accountabilities.

The guide aims to provide a practical explanation of key risk management concepts and practical tips to improve capability and it aligns with the Australian and New Zealand standard. You can adapt the guide to suit your agency.

Register of indemnities

The Indemnities Register [XLSX, 35KB] is used to record all indemnities, including those provided by the Treasurer as well as indemnities provided contractually. If you experience any difficulties accessing the register due to your settings we have provided some additional support [PDF, 433KB] which may assist you.

Register of insurances

The Insurances Register [XLSX, 41KB] is used to list all insurances, including VMIA and other insurers.If you experience any difficulties accessing the register due to your settings, we have provided some additional support [PDF, 433KB] which may assist you.

Self-insured losses

This resource assists estimating the value of current losses for financial provisioning. Please contact VMIA to request access to the resource.

Incident and claims register

The Incident and Claims Register [XLSX, 13KB] records and tracks under-deductible incidents and claims.

Incident Notification form

The Incident Notification Form [DOC, 539KB] records details of any incident and reports this directly to VMIA’s claims team.


More information

Guide to managing indemnities [PDF, 754KB]

Frequently asked questions

If you require additional assistance please email contact@vmia.vic.gov.au or phone (03) 9270 6900.

Insurance Attestation