Risk Register Software helps you to record, manage and report on risks. The software can be customised and includes a range of useful reports. 

You can record information relating to the risk management process steps, which include:

  • establish the risk context
  • identification of risk
  • assess and evaluate risk
  • treatment of risk.

You can enter your own information including:

  • risk rating scales (consequence, likelihood and control effectiveness) 
  • risk categories
  • business units
  • strategic objectives
  • heat map coloring (based on a 5 by 5 matrix)
  • risk owners.

There may be components of your framework that cannot be accommodated by the software — for example risk escalation protocols are not defined within the system.

Organisations requiring a comprehensive Governance, Risk and Compliance  solution (that supports governance and compliance reporting, audit planning and management or workflow and incident reporting and escalation) may  find the software will not meet all of their needs. The software does not offer incident reporting or audit planning functionality.

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Page last updated: 7 May 2018