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In recent years, Victoria has come under attack with cyber criminals trying to gain access to our public sector networks using tactics such as ransomware and phishing scams. The switch to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic has made this more acute in recent years for TAFEs and other educational institutions in particular.

Brett King, Chief Information Officer at The Gordon Institute of TAFE, remains vigilant about cyber security and is constantly looking for ways to protect the organisation against attacks. That includes tapping into VMIA’s cyber tools and resources such as training material and the Cyber Maturity Benchmark to review and understand the maturity of their baseline cyber controls.

Brett says: "The Cyber Maturity Benchmark has been valuable in enhancing the conversation about cyber maturity and prioritising actions within our own roadmap.

“Because of the tool, we now have better communication with management and executive staff, ensuring a more thorough evaluation of cyber preparedness and risk.”

Brett went on to say that having a risk management perspective over The Gordon’s work is extremely helpful in guiding the investment of effort and resources: “We can never be fully protected from cyber dangers, but the tool helps us make sure we cover the most important things first.”

Find out more about our tools, training and the Cyber Maturity Benchmark on our website, or by contacting your VMIA adviser.