Cyber security

Cyber security is defined as the protection of systems, networks and data in cyberspace. It is a critical issue for all organisations because it is central to protecting against things like cyber fraud.

The number of cyber incidents is continually rising: Australia is the second most targeted country in the Asia Pacific region and of the sectors most targeted, government is the highest at 28%.

As a government organisation – no matter what your size – you hold sensitive information, or information about Victoria and Victorians, that everyone in your organisation is responsible for protecting.

Think before you Click

To help combat the cyber risks which exist, the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s Enterprise Solutions has launched a new campaign ‘Think before you Click’ as part of the Awareness and Capability Uplift campaign featured in the State’s Cyber Security Strategy.

With human error contributing to 95% of cyber security incidents, this campaign aims to support all government organisations in highlighting how each individual has a role to play in creating a ‘human firewall’ to ensure they do not make it possible for criminals to breach our systems.

The video below has more information about Cyber Security, the importance of the human firewall, and the work which is being done across Victoria to create a cyber security culture across government organisations.


Creating a cyber security culture

To help build a cyber security culture across your organisation, there are two things you can do:

  1. Sign-up to VMIA Cyber Risk Foundations
  2. Contact your VMIA risk adviser to find out more about how you can build your cyber resilience and manage this risk within your organisation.

Cyber insurance

VMIA’s cyber insurance policy covers your organisation for expenses related to your data breach responses.

To find out more, visit our Cyber insurance page.

Cyber Incident Response Service

When a cyber incident or suspect a cyber breach may have taken place, government organisations should contact the Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) Cyber Incident Response Service (CIRS) immediately.

Contact CIRS on:

Phone 1300 CSU VIC / 1300 278 842

Should DPC direct you to VMIA’s website to report an cyber incident and make a claim, please go to the claims section of our website.