Delivering a truly strategic enterprise register may require a change in thinking to deliver the best results.

That’s one of the lessons Monash Health learned as it reviewed its risk register to identify possible improvements.

According to Donna Markham, Advisor Chief Executive Affairs at Monash Health, it took some time to adapt to the new way of thinking about risks.

“Traditionally we often think about the risk of incidents or hazards occurring,” she said.

“The shift in the conversation was to start thinking about what would stop us from achieving in a particular space.

“We have a vision of exceptional care and outstanding outcomes, and all our enterprise risks are focused on what might stop us delivering on those objectives.”

The organisation has moved from an enterprise risk register with 28 different risks – many focused on clinical risks, hazards and events – to a list of six, all of which are strategic and aligned to the corporate plan.

Former Chief Executive Officer Shelly Park spoke to VMIA before leaving her position at Monash Health.

“The changes to the risk register has changed the conversation around risk at a board level in a number of really interesting ways,” she said.

“We are spending more time on our risk register, because we are still challenging each other to make sure we have got it right.”

To hear more about the changes to Monash Health’s enterprise risk register, please watch the video below.