Keep your health service progressing

Put simply, the updated IBPS 2019-20 Training Tracker Tool helps you meet the 2019-2020 IBPS program Eligibility Criteria. Through the tool, you will be able to track, monitor and report on your hospital’s progress against the IBPS program’s Eligibility Criteria. As the criteria has changed this year, please make sure you are using the 2019-20 version.

You can find the latest version here [XLSX, 471KB].

Here’s what you need to know to make the most of the tool:

  • Using the tool is optional, but it’s a fantastic resource and we recommend it.
  • You’ll need to download and save the tool on your local IT systems to use it. You may need to get in touch with your IT support team for any technical issues.
  • The latest tool has been developed and published in Microsoft Excel 2016, but it will work on any version of Microsoft Excel from 2013 onwards. Just make sure you enable macros if you want the new ‘sorting’ function to work.
  • If your hospital uses an excel version older than Microsoft Excel 2013, you’ll need to download and save the tool locally as a ‘.xlsm’ file, and not a ‘.xlsx’ file.