Risk tools

Building a better way to manage risk

We have a range of handy software, tools and templates for you to use, including.

  • Climate change risk: Explore these resources to help your organisation address climate change risks.
  • Risk management tools: A suite of tools and templates to support you in managing your risks.
  • The Victorian Government Risk Management Framework (VGRMF) Tools & Resources: Guides to help you build and put into practice a risk management framework, and meet your risk obligations under the Victorian Government Risk Management Framework 2015.
  • RMA Online: Our online risk maturity self-assessment service for all our VGRMF agencies. It helps you review your current risk management practices every year, understand them better, and importantly, look into ways of improving them.
  • Interagency risk: Materials and case studies to assist you in managing overarching risks shared by two or more agencies.
  • Cyber Benchmark: The Cyber Maturity Benchmark is an online self-assessment of your organisation’s maturity against the Essential Eight cyber security controls. Completing the Benchmark gives you access to reporting and benchmark insights that will assist you in managing cyber as a business risk.
  • Control effectiveness: Tools and resources to support your organisation in understanding what controls are and how to use them to modify risk.

Our clinical tools

If you’re working in the health services, these tools will help you manage your risks, so that our community can lead healthier and safer lives.

  • Internal Audit Clinical Tool (IACT) Kit: A set of resources and tools to support your internal audit of clinical areas.
  • ISBAR: A simple and practical tool for guiding your staff in how to structure and exchange information.
  • Patient voice: The In their shoes: building a culture of listening toolkit will help you give your patients a louder voice and improve your services.
  • Patient Safety Climate: A set of tools and templates created for healthcare services to measure safety culture in the workplace.

Need more help?

Head to our Risk advice and support page to learn more about how we can support you.