Resources to help you address climate change risks

Climate change affects all Victorians. Government organisations need to consider the risks it brings both them as agencies and the communities they serve.

Together with Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) we’ve created our first ever set of resources specifically for addressing climate change risks.

Designed for risk and environment specialists

In designing these guides, we tried to strike a balance between providing enough information to increase your understanding without over-complicating things.

We created the guides with risk practitioners and at a foundational level in mind, but they’re written so all decision makers in your organisation, wherever they are and whatever they do, can understand how to consider climate change risks.

In addition to risk practitioners, the guides will help environment specialists who want to view climate change from an enterprise risk perspective.

Where to start

Select a guide that interests you and explore the related content. We recommend you reading them in the order shown.

We’d like to know what you think of the guides – so once you’ve completed a topic, please share your feedback. We’ll use your responses to improve future iterations of the resources and guidance materials.

Register for training

You can start to apply the ideas in our guides by attending our Climate Change Risk Foundations course.



Understanding Victorian climate change risk management expectations

Climate change requires urgent action and the State is expected to respond.


Using risk management to help you address climate change

Apply your existing risk process to consider and address climate change risks.


Exploring Victoria’s climate change risks

Climate change risks include both physical risks and transition risks. Explore both here.


Climate Change Risk Foundations

This two-part session will build your confidence in tackling climate change risks faced by the State.