The Victorian Government Risk Management Framework update is underway and expected to be launched early in the new financial year. To help you understand how the new framework will impact you, we’re working with the Department of Treasury and Finance to develop support tools to guide you through these changes. In the meantime, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for updates.

It’s important that your organisation knows how to anticipate and manage risk.

This is what the Victorian Government Risk Management Framework (VGRMF) sets out to do, as well as outline what Victorian Government departments and agencies need to do to to comply with the risk management aspects of the Financial Management Act 1994.

Where we come in

As the government’s insurer and risk adviser, we’ll help you put the VGRMF into practice. We offer everything from risk advice and thought leadership, to coordinating risk prevention and recovery.

How this helps you

Through our support, you’ll benefit in these key ways:

  • Education: building your team’s skills and capabilities around risk.
  • Advice: offering expert advice in tackling issues and making key decisions.
  • Insight: helping you turn information into helpful knowledge.
  • Tools, guides and kits: resources to help you put risk management into practice.

Guides, tools, advice and support

For guidance on the key VGRMF topics, check out our range of resources below.

VGRMF Practice Guide

Victorian Government Risk Management Framework Practice Guide

The VGRMF provides a minimum common risk management standard for agencies.

VGRMF Practice Notes  - Risk Culture

Risk Culture Practice Notes

Developing a positive risk culture is essential to the successful delivery of strategic goals.

VGRMF Practice Notes - Interagency & State Significant Risk

Interagency & State Significant Risks Practice Notes

Agencies are required to identify and contribute to the management of both interagency and State significant risks.These practice notes have been designed to provide practical support, advice and guidance.

VGRMF Practice Notes - Incorporating Risk into Corporate Planning

Incorporating Risk into Corporate Planning Practice Notes

The Responsible Body must be satisfied risk management is incorporated into the agency’s corporate and business planning processes. These practice notes have been developed to provide practical support, advice and guidance to help agencies meet the mandatory requirements.

VGRMF Templates

Risk Management Tools

A variety of insurance and risk templates on this page including a risk assessment, risk register, categories of risk, insurance register, indemnities register and more.